Sony Original Remote Control RMT-TX100A RMT-TX100D - KD49X8000C KD75X8500C TV Genuine


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Genuine Sony Remote Control Unit:  RMTTX100D

The RMTTX100A no longer available, Sony supply RMTTX100D,
currently substituted to RMT-TX100D.

Suitable for  SONY  Models:

KD43X8300C,   KD-43X8300C
KD49X8000C,   KD-49X8000C
KD49X8300C,   KD-49X8300C
KD49X8500C,   KD-49X8500C
KD55X8000C,   KD-55X8000C
KD55X8500C,   KD-55X8500C
KD55X9000C,   KD-55X9000C
KD65X9000C    KD-65X9000C
KD65X8500C,   KD-65X8500C
KD65X9300C,   KD-65X9300C
KD75X8500C,   KD-75X8500C
KD75X9100C,   KD-75X9100C
KD75X9400C,   KD-75X9400C
KDL43W800C,  KDL-43W800C
KDL50W800C,  KDL-50W800C
KDL55W800C,  KDL-55W800C
KDL65W800C,  KDL-65W800C
KDL75W850C   KDL-75W850C            LCD TV


Requires 2 x AAA Batteries

This remote control is an ORIGINAL Sony Product

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