Original SONIQ Remote Control QT1E Substitute QT166 QT155 QT155S


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Genuine SONIQ  Remote Control QT1E

Suitable for SONIQ  Models:

E32S12A-AU  E40S12A -AU  E48S12A-AU  E55S12A-AU   E42S14A  E47S14A  E55S14A U42V14B   TV

This remote replaces all SONIQ Smart TV remotes (QT166, QT155, QT155S). It has the HOME button for full screen display. It takes batteries and does not require charging. It does not require an RF dongle or to be paired with TV. While a keyboard is not available on QT1E, a virtual keyboard can be displayed on the screen to enter the necessary characters. For example, the blank field to enter a password to connect to internet by Wi-Fi can be selected using the directional arrows. The OK button surrounded by these arrows can then be pressed to display the virtual keyboard. From there on, the necessary characters are selected accordingly.


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