Original Samsung Soundbar Remote Control AH59-02767A HW-N450, HW-N550, HW-N650, HW-N850, HW-N950, HW-Q70T, HW-Q800T, HW-S61T


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Brand New

Genuine Samsung Remote Control:  AH5902767A

The AH59-02767A discontinued.  Samsung
currently substituted to AH81-09748A AH8109748A.

 Suitable for SAMSUNG Models: 

HW-N450/XY   HW-N450     HWN450
HW-N550/XY   HW-N550     HWN550
HW-N650/XY   HW-N650     HWN650
HW-N850/XY   HW-N850     HWN850
HW-N950/XY   HW-N950     HWN950
HW-Q70T/XY   HW-Q70T     HWQ70T
HW-Q800T/XY HW-Q800T   HWQ800T
HW-S61T/XY    HW-S61T      HWS61T



Battery: Requires 2 x AA

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