Original Samsung Smart TV Remote BN59-01298E BN5901298E UA55NU8000W,UA65NU8000W


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Genuine Samsung Remote Control:  BN5901298E

The BN59-01298E  out of stock, Samsung supply BN59-01298D

currently substituted to BN5901298D

Suitable for SAMSUNG Models: 

UA55NU7400W, UA55NU8000W, UA55NU8500W, UA65NU7400W, UA65NU8000W, UA65NU8500W, UA75NU8000W, UA82NU8000W, UA55NU7400WXXY, UA55NU8000WXXY, UA55NU8500WXXY, UA65NU7400WXXY, UA65NU8000WXXY, UA65NU8500WXXY, UA75NU8000WXXY, UA82NU8000WXXY.

This remote control is an Original  SAMSUNG product.

Battery: Requires 2 x AAA 

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