SAMSUNG REMOTE CONTROL BN5901054A - PS50C7000 PS58C7000 PS63C7000 UA40C7000 UA46C7000 UA46C8000 UA55C7000 UA55C8000 UA55C8000 UA65C8000 PS50C7000YF


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Genuine SAMSUNG Remote Control: BN59-01054A

The BN5901054A discontinued .  Samsung
currently substituted to AA59-00570A.

Suitable for SAMSUNG  Models:

 Samsung PS50C7000, PS58C7000, PS63C7000, UA40C7000, UA46C7000, UA46C8000, UA55C7000, UA55C8000, UA55C8000, UA65C8000, PS50C7000YF, PS50C7000YM, PS58C7000YF, PS58C7000YM, PS63C7000YF, PS63C7000YM, UA40C7000WF, UA40C7000WM, UA46C7000WF, UA46C7000WM, UA46C8000XF, UA46C8000XM, UA55C700WF, UA55C7000WM, UA55C8000XF, UA55C8000XM, UA65C8000XF, PS50C7000YFXXY, PS50C7000YMXRD, PS58C7000YFXXY, PS58C7000YMXRD, PS63C7000YFXXY, PS63C7000YMXRD, UA40C7000WFXXY, UA40C7000WMXRD, UA46C7000WFXXY, UA46C7000WMXRD, UA46C8000XFXXY, UA46C8000XMXRD, UA55C7000WFXXY, UA55C7000WMXRD, UA55C8000XFXXY, UA55C8000XMXRD, UA65C8000XFXXY. 

3D  TV 

This remote control is an ORIGINAL SAMSUNG  Product

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